Master smoker that has learned the craft of live fire smoking from…

Old-time Pitmasters of the deep south with a California twist.

Since 1985

Our Story

Pitmaster Hassan started off like most pitmasters at a young age helping out dad in the backyard on the grill eventually graduating to the time honored craft of smoking meat.

My Creole roots combined with with my California upbringing have contributed immensely to my style of smoking meats and cooking. How can you go wrong with Louisiana Creole/Cajun techniques infused with California fresh and natural. My style of barbecuing pays homage to all the masters that I have learned from and gives praise to the wonderful history of “Q’ing” that started with the Natives of this land, developed in the South by African Americans for the last two centuries, influenced by European immigrants, especially the Germans and enjoyed by all as an authentic American cuisine worldwide.

A love and passion for smoking meats has taken me from a backyard hobby to competing in barbecue contest, and winning, to this point where I want to share my love of this delicious cuisine. I never thought I would be so committed to excellence as I am to cooking good cue but this is the point I’m at now and i would love to share that same passion with you.


We specialize in Tri-tip, Brisket, Turkey Breast, Beef Ribs, Lamb, Chicken and Hot Links. Side dishes consist of Pit Smoked Beans, Mac N’ Cheese, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad and specials from time to time.